Website Grader – Grade your website for SEO

I been looking for some tools that can actually measure what SEO i been done on my blog, is this correct or not, what other thing i need to work on and i found Website Grader.

I think there are quite a few similar tools out there but so far i like Website Grader the most, might be the design and the clean layout , which giving you some refresh feeling.

So i m getting 92/100 on Website Grader


Nope i m not thinking that my blog is prefect or what, it’s more like giving myself confident that i m on the right track, some of the suggestion from Website Grader after analysis my blog , also telling me what i need to improve, i have done some but this should be a long process, example submit to yahoo directory and dmoz, will take time to verify.

Currently i m going to use this as benchmark, until i found the next tools that suit my need.

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