Wridea – idea Rain

I think i blog about this long time ago, but the wierd part is i can’t find the related post on this blog, i wonder is it on some of my sub blog which i never migrate over here.

So after a few year , the main reason i m revisit this service because someone suggest it on The Best Web App for Idea , i was like Wow ! this service still around , so today i visit it again and yeah the service stil alive and kicking, but the core feature still the same.

It’s between Page, Category and Idea, so each page you can have different idea and among idea, you can group them into category, added some sharing with friend feature, but one of the feature that capturing my attention is – idea Rain.

What idea Rain do is, select one of your page and all the idea on that page will start falling like rain drop, by using this data visualization method, maybe you can come out some new idea ?


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