Closing Down My Small Hosting Biz

I think some of you might know about i doing some hosting biz during my free time. Not really a big biz but i do pround that i have some happy customer.
I been spending a lot on this biz, estimate more then 10K SGD for these year ( a lot because my yearly salary for now is below 30K per year ), only starting of this year i start getting balance but i closing down this biz end of this year, ya just a few day more.

Sat night i had moved most of my current customer to a new host, although closing down biz but i still need to help them get a reliable host, not that bad only 2 customer will look for their own host in stead of move to the one that i recommend to them. 1 of them found an lousy host, base on our email conversion, i know that either he is totally new or he just an reseller ..

I have too much reason to close down this biz, but most of them are due to my real life problem and i wish to spend more time to do something that i wish to do, in stead of wasting time to do something that i force to do.

Dear customer , thanks for all the support , especially – Jason , he intro quite a few customer to me,is because of him i start earning some $$ this year.Thanks for all the understand and support.

Knight’s Hosting Biz closing down by this week.

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