Bloglah Back Online

Bloglah – consider one of my quite sucessful recent project has just reopen.

Original i using wordpress with an aggregator plugin to startup this project, after 200++ blog been added, the whole project is a bit out of control , lots of feed is not fetched, lots of feature which i thinking to add in been limit by wordpress structure, it still a blogging system , not a content management system, what it can be done still has a limit.

So i give the latest drupal a try and see hows it goes, after a week testing, it seem like drupal can meet my requirement, compare to my current setting . its less overhead too. after the past few night working on it, all the feed been move to the new system and until now i just reliase how powerful drupal is ..

lots of customise can be done through drupal .. hmmmm maybe i can create a web games base on drupal ?

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