FB Group Doc

It’s been a while since I last build something , now day I spend most of time on client’s product, December most likely will be quiet month, just nice for me to build up something for knowledge & experience.

So the project codename is “FB Group Doc”, the idea come from one of my friend, she just join a very active Facebook Group , there are tons of useful info where the member share within the group as group doc, so her request is quite simple , she prefer to read the doc on mobile device.

I think since these are cooking recipe, view it on mobile browser might help user to practice the new dish in the kitchen. So what pop up in my mind is using jQuery Mobile and Facebook SDK to build this.

I spend some time to play with Heroku and Facebook PHP SDK in order to make sure what query to perform and what data to expect, next will be fire up the jQuery Mobile documentation to understand how this mobile framework works. One of the best tips I learn is how to develop Facebook Apps locally.

So the end result is this, the main menu after connect with Facebook Connect, it will just pull the list of doc of this particular group, since I lazy to build the navigation, I just load all the 150 doc in one go , the filter seem like a bit lagging, not sure is it due to too many items.

Clicking on each entry will move into a detail page. It seem like there is no page navigation button to put it on header, so I just created 2 back button to leave it on top and bottom. One thing still puzzle me is the doc that consist of image will be show as (img:123456789) which I can’t find how to parse this into image , so open a ticket on Facebook Stackoverflow and hopefully see some reply on this.

This seem like very niche app, I was wonder shall I compile this and sell it on codecanyon ? but again not sure how common is a Facebook Group sharing massive doc in this way, maybe can build it as a iOS app.

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