start analysis your blog statistic

Just how many of you actually track the statistic on your blog ? if you think that using sitemeter, netstat or statcounter those tools will actually help you anysis your blog stat, you are wrong ! there are some better tools out there which can help you to analysis more detail.

  • Google Analytics – the statistic tools from google, since adsense is from google, adsense related analysis might find this a good tools ?
  • Measure Map – one of the statistic tools which still in close beta, but lots of good review been float around about this tool and its become part of google recently, i just wonder will google combine this with Google Analytics ?
  • Blogbeat – this tool do have some good review from techcrunch , but too bad its only FOC for the first month, after that is $6 per month. i was thinking maybe have page view limit to free account in stead of date limit would be a better idea ?
  • Performancing Metrics – a new comer in the blog statistic market, but they are famous by Performancing Firefox – a blogging tools extension for firefox, by combining the statistic with their blogging tools, it might boost the usage of their tools.

there are not best tool, but there are most suitable tool for your own blog, give it a try on these tool one by one, too many stat tools on blog might cause the blog taking more time to load, this might frustrated your reader.

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