Polaris – Desktop Reporting for Google Analytics

This should be one of the hot site after Google announce that Google Analytics API Launched . So what does this desktop reporting do ?  Polaris is a adobe air application, it fetch the data from your google analytics account through the API and present it on your desktop with nice interface.




Currently Polaris is free for single website/profile, if you need it for multiple website/profile , you have to pay for USD $15 per year. I think base on current features , it seem a bit hard for people to pay this amount just to see the same data they can view on web, if bundle with some of the upcoming project ( Dopac,Rayet, Phobia), then maybe it will be more worth it.

This remind me of woopra , anyone still remember this real time website tracking and analytics service ? it seem like still in close beta, you need invitation in order to use it.

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