NobleGarden Achievement done

I just went back WOW few day ago after 3.1 release , not really going to raid with some of the guildmate but rather take it as some thing for me to relax, i find that i m a bit too stress for so many project on going.
Other then de-stress, another reason i m back for the world event achievement , it will take around one year to complete this archievement, i have done the first 4 , don’t feel like giving up and it can be done casually.

A good example i just got my NobleGarden Archievement complete today and this is only the first day of this event , nope i didn’t spend the whole day on it, in fact i just spend 2~3 hour in the morning then follow up by some of my office work and continue agian in the evening. Other then this, i think this is my first lucky world event.


these are some of my tips

  • Mulgore should be a good place to farm, compare to other starting zone.
  • No need to change item once you have enough chocolate , some of the quest item might drop from the egg.
  • You need total 365 chocolate , the amount will be reduce if you manage to get the quest item from the egg.
  • It take 155 chocolate for me to complete , i get most of the item through the egg.

5 out of 9 ,  4 more quest to complete What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been , now i m jaiku – The Nobel .

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