In Her Shoe

I happen to click on the play button for this show yesterday when i doing some programming, its an access program which i did for some department in my office, sunday also need to work thats why i was thinking to let meself code in a relax mode with some show playing beside me

at first playing the show is just to relax myself avoid to be too concentrate in the coding, but slowly i been attrract by the whole show and stop my coding , haha . Not to deny begining of this show i just want to see the sexy Cameron Diaz and i thought thats the only thing which will attract me for the whole show, but i was wrong.

the whole show is about how both sister found their own way of live, one give up the lawyer job and enjoy to help people walking dog, another find her way to solve the reading problem and change to a better attitude for live .. its a warm feeling kind of show , In Her Shoe

In Her Shoe

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