Firstday In Taipei

wake up early in the morning, after some surfing and blogging, my friend bring me to Yangminshan( 陽明山) National Park, it take about half hour to drive to YMS , the view along the road was nice, my friend told me if i able to come during spring i will see a lot of flower, include sakura (Cherry Blossom) ..

after YMS, my friend bring me to Qingtiangang (擎天崗) to see grass…, it seem like this place, last time got a lot of cow here,it even have a notice board say that got ppl been attack by the cow before, pls do not feed the cow… hehe

almost lunch time, both of us went to a hot spring restaurant (å·?瀨), we have our lunch here ( which nothing special) then go to hot spring bath, its kind of open style bathroom, which all the guy just naked and bath with all kind of facility for using the hot spring and massage your body.

after the hot spring, its relaxing but sleepy and i feel headache….

around evening time , my friend send me to office, meet with some taiwan colleague, mos of them are friendly, the manager of MIS even ask me to join for dinner tomorrow ..
then i go dinner with some taiwan colleague which are close, having dinner at a place call hooster, which got a lot of hot gal as waitress hehe.. then after dinner and chit chating we just go home, what a tired day

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