Fly To Taipei

I was trying to get a cab around 10+ for going to airport, very lucky i meet this guy which going for biz trip also, so he just invite me to take the same cab, althought it seem a bit danger, hehe but i m not pretty gal , dun think he want to do anything to me also. then he paid for the cab fee also, he say never mind he going to claim from company, haha.

so cut the middle part where waiting for the flight, get into the plane … those are boring, and i think still SQ ( singapore airline) have better service and equipment, at least you have your own display panel to choose what movie you want to see. .. but is quite expensive, so as a poor guy i can only take eva air ..

reach taipei about 5:30pm, everything going smooth, but i stupid go ask is ba gua ok to bring in ? at the end all the ba gua cannot get thru … the checkpoint people just throw all of them away.

after come out from air port, my friend and his wife come and fetch me, we have some chat n the car, then went for dinner. the place we went give me the feeling like we are in bangkok, lots of shop, lots of ppl, narrow road …

we eat the guo tie ( é?‹è²¼ ) then eat some ice kacang which can mix with few variety and a chicken chop … so much but the food is cheap …

after that we come back to my friend house and have some warcraft session .. hehe
btw a few photo can view from My photoblog

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