You Might be a Web Developer

Just saw this Hey, Canadian Web Developers! Does This Sound Familiar? and find it very funny, yeah kind of agree some of the statement is quite true.

If your first question is “Where’s the API?” when a site launches, you might be a Web developer

– Yes, most of the time when i found some good web2.0 service the first thing that appear in my mind is where is the API, second question will be where is the 3rd party tools.

If you own more than ten domain names, you might be a Web developer

– So true for myself , i have more then 10 domain ..

If your best pick-up line is “#you + #me { margin: 0; }”, you might be a Web developer.

– This is my favourite

here come my one – if you use more then 1 browser, you might be a Web developer

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