Freelance Confidential book released

I have just become a full-time freelancer 1 month ago and it happen that rockablepress release their new book for freelancer – Freelance Confidential, I will say this is a must get book for freelancer.

This is not a review post , since I haven’t start to read it , but now the book is launch with $5 off promo ( until 25 march) , you can buy the e-book through their own marketplace ejunkie for $29 $24 now or if you prefer the physical book , you can order it from amazon for $34.99 ( I believe those buying the book one can get the e-book free )

There are people questioning $24 for an e-book ? I would say it’s quite fair , this is not just someone who write an e-book without any fact-finding and sell it on the web for $9.99 , this e-book is base on the global freelancer survey they did sometime ago and there is comparison with their 2007 data, just these analytics is quite time-consuming already and as the Freelanceswitch editor , I believe she have more advice and experience on what has happen during these year in the freelance world.

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