Why I like co-working place ?

I been hang around at this new co-working place – together workspace recently and really like it , I been wanted to try out co-working environment but there are not much not choice in Johor and most of the time when I in Singapore , I either meeting a client or need to move around, so not really suitable to sit in a co-working place.

Some may think if you can work comfortable at home why bother to work at co-working place ?  You can have high-speed internet , air con , beverage at home too, why go to co-working place to waste money ?

These are 4 reasons why I like the co-working place.

1. People – as an independent freelancer which work at home, you don’t really have much chance to meet and talk to people , co-working place normally have all kind of people , which you can expand your circle of friend and who know you might be able to meet potential customer.

2. Communication – Working from home lack of face to face communication, you can argue that chatting through social network , instant message is another kind of communication too , but I believe meeting face to face communication are still a better way to polish up your soft skill.

3. Less Distraction – Working at home some time you will just give yourself all kind of excuse to take a break, but at the co-working place when seeing other are working, you will constantly remind yourself  to work harder.

4. Focus – Since I spend limited time at co-working place, I always  set a target and make sure I meet the target before I leave the co-working place, it does boost my focus and finish my work within shorter time compare to work at home.


I been quite slack and can’t really focus on my work recently , after 3 year of freelancing and working from home, I wonder why now ?  but I m glad that I can try a different way to tune myself and so far this has been work quite well.


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