Freelance Report February 2013

February is a quiet and slack month , due to the CNY festival , I been spending time on the pre festival preparation and quite slacking after the festival.

So here what’s happen on February.

Freelance – Continue the work for the Laravel based custom CMS,  kickstart another WordPress project, planning to use this opportunity turn some of the process into a plugin for commercial propose.

Enquiry & Deal – 1 new lead but more like sub contract from agency , but so far no news.

Projects –  Trying to build my first WordPress plugins for commercial propose , the last one I build is 7 years ago. 

Conclusion is I have wasted February , although it is one of the shortest month and there is CNY festival.

I m halfway of March now , so far lots have been happen but I m still not so satisfy for this month , hopefully this post serve as a reminder to work hard for the remaining of month , don’t wasted it like Feb again.

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