Freelancer Report October

I m late for this month report again , it seem like to keep up for a series of report every month on the same day is not something easy.

So what happen on this October ? The sad part will be losing Steve Jobs , but on the same time I finally force myself to register as an iOS developer, hopefully by end of this year, I can have at least an app appear in the app store ?

I bought Day One  on October too and start to use it tracking my working log , this help to remind myself what I did for the past 1 month and when I writing this month report , it can be a very good reference , on the other side I will feel guilty when I got nothing to write on that particular day , it serve the same purpose like what Steve Jobs did everyday in front of the mirror “if today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”.

Income – $1950 for Oct , the same thing I need to remind myself every month, need to get some difference source of income.

Freelance – fixed some of the VPS problem and finally I have built my first WordPress plugin for one of the client requirement, hopefully after some polish and I can put it onCodeCanyon to sell. Other than this , I have spent more time on FuelCMS for 2 projects , the progress is a bit slow due to lots of external factors , but hopefully I can wrap up all this by end of this year.

Project – project GH was stop for now seem like need to involved too much resources and project L was never really kickstart. I m plans to put focus on mobile apps. Currently planning on travel apps and something related to geolocation.

Learn – I did some test of Slimphp early of the month and kick-start the Titanium Appcelerator learning road, the problem for these learning is if you don’t have a project on hand related to this, you might just forget what you have learned, since now I have the iOS developer license, I shall force myself to release some free apps, in order to brush up my skill.

Blog – this blog now is running with CDN , it should have some performance boost , I did have over 10k page view last month, but not sure is because of the Google algorithm change or really because of the speed performance improve.

Startup – I been trying to organize the resources and talk to some friends and now my focus should be on the WordPress and iOS apps. There are still some tiny bits which I haven’t clear ,hopefully this will be done by this month.

2 more month and will be end of 2011, I might be did something for this year but I still think there are a lot of more can be done, hopefully I can manage to squeeze out a bit more before end of this year.

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