Freelance Report March 2013

Sometime you find it time is running faster than you thought , this is how I feel when March end. I have quite a busy starting for March but it slow down at middle.

So what’s happen on March ?

Freelance – I m working on a WordPress project , it’s a bike site. Doing a site migration for cheap but I spend quite a lot of time on it.Working on my first iOS project on Phonegap.

Enquiry  & Deal – 4 new enquiry and 1 deal confirm which is the iOS project.

Startup – I try to build a plugin for the WordPress project I m working on so that I can sell it later on , but it take out too much time, in order to speed up the site, lots of thing just hack through , guess I will need to do some clean up for the plugin if I want to sell it as a commerce plugin later. Currently I should be focus on plugins development  so that it can become my first batch of products , increase of side incomes.

Projects – I was planning for a side project, it’s mostly a project for local , but I do see it can evolve into something better, hopefully it will be beta release before end of April.

Learn – Finally have mobile development  work , trying up Phonegap , Testflight & iOS, not really happy with the current prototype but the support from client’s side is quite limited , will need to see what’s next to follow-up.

That’s pretty much what happen on March , it seem a little bit early but I m trying hard to change the direction from freelance to product , rather than get paid by how many hour you work, it will be best generated income even when you rest, which explain my choice of picking up the work , I taking new work or work that potential allow me to make plugins for lower rate, hopefully everything is going to be on track.


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