NextGen Linode

I been using Linode for long enough , my Linode billing history started 2009 , it’s been 4 year plus and although I have move most of my  site to webfaction ( due to control panel and server location), I still keep my Linodee account alive.

I still remember the old day where Linode vs Slicehost , then Slicehost been acquired by rackspace and people start moving to Linode,  but for the past 1 year Linode seem like a bit quiet , just when everyone think that Linode is no longer being competitive , They release the 3 major update since last month.

  1. The Network – increase the outbound transfer by 1000%
  2. The Hardware – changing the CPU to 8 core.
  3. The RAM – upgrade ram for 100%

the price for all these improvement ? just the 0.05 cent to round-up their current plan, don’t forget their praised support and well collection of library.


some user are compare Digital Ocean with Linode , if purely compare just the pricing, Linode is more expensive than DO for the same setup, but I believe Linode is more mature to handle your production , I won’t mind putting some test project on DO. If you need an developer friendly VPS  take Linode , if you need a developer friendly shared hosting take webfaction.

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