Re: Double Your Freelancing Rate in 14 Days

This is an e-book by Brennan Dunn who was the owner of planscope.

I don’t really think after reading this book and apply everything you will sure double your freelance rate, there are things that you can’t really apply, imagine the book ask you to stand firm on your pricing,  but if you didn’t get any work for the past 2 month , you will still taking the offer even it is way below your normal rate.

I would say the book act as very good reference but don’t blindly follow, adjust the situation and pick up suitable tips from the book.

Some of my favourite part.

  • What Clients want – Understand what you client really want, they might be full with all the buzz words but ultimately they might just want more customer to be able to buy something from their site.
  • Trapped in the Middle of a Project Pitch – Instead of doing empty promise or just blindly selling what your product can do , understand the problem of your client’s and provide them something that will fix their pain.
  • Value Driven approach – Your pricing is based on amount of value you deliver to a client, not by market rate or cost-plus rate.
  • Five Year Plan – think about what you want to do / be in 5 year later, set the goal and move forward , you can’t just work purely as a freelancer forever , you can’t just work in exchange for hour rate forever.

This book might not suitable if you just started work as a freelancer, but if you work as freelancer for sometime , having steady incoming projects but still earning peanut , this is the book for you.