Freedom Force Vs 3rd Reich

Its been sometime since i last completed a game … i been into online gaming for sometime ( war of warcraft & guildwar ) , as we know online game there is no ending .. so no chance for you to complete it .

10 min ago, i just complete Freedom Force Vs 3rd Reich, of cos as usual to enjoy the game story, i play on easy level to maintain the playablity of game , else i might just give up if is too hard. I getting this game few week ago, at first i thought i will get bored on this game very soon , because i never finish the "Freedom Force" version 1 too .

the gameplay don’t seem much different compare to the first version, you gain some point to hire more hero, hero on mission gain exp to lv up and learn more power , althought got a lot of hero but each time you can only have 4 hero for mission .. so there are quite a number of hero not even have chance go mission

the story style is a bit old and related to "time" but over all still playable, i play 2~3 mission everyday .. and complete in 2 week .. not that bad la.. in fact the whole story is a bit short .. funny part is the dialog , its so slang , after i watch so much super hero movie, finally i can play as a super hero ..


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