There are no Queen for you to save

If you notice Evony ads and thinking to give thier game a try , what i want to say is “There are no Queen for you to save and don’t get cheated by their ads”.

I believe lots of you guys should see Evony google ads  by now, from starting a normal ads with a warrior image until the recent bra image , the changes of their ads are quite big and it seem to me they are just try to lure more user to join their game, you can see the details on coding horro on the different version of Evony ads.

The recent Evony ads mostly showing highlight on woman’s asset which are totally not related to their game at all.Please don’t mis lead by their ads, what you can get is just a normal web game.


an example of their ads , i wonder how to related this image to their games, it’s look more like an adult game’s ads to me.

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