Just came back from cinema and i m glad that Wall-E doesn’t dissapoint me.

At first i afraid it will be same like The Dark Knight , having a lot of nice review but when i watch it , i find it nothing special, but Wall-E really fully catching my attention , from starting until the end of show. This remind me of The Incredibles , Cars and  Ratatouille , almost all the animation from Pixar is my favourite.

One of the thing i heard about it before watching this show is the first 30 min ( or longer ) of the show is without any dialog, some people might be get bored of it, but i think i m worry too much, although they never talk but the whole show is telling the story lively.

Forget about what the show trying to tell , which i think a lot of blog should be mention about this, i really want to give a big thumb up for this show 8.5 star out of 10, not only it trying to sending some message to people , it also draw out the relationship between 2 robot, as usual there will be happy good ending but i guess that should be the way ?


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