“Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?” Pointless, really…”Do the stars gaze back?” Now *that’s* a question

Is this sound familiar to you ? yeah is the starting of the movie Stardust , i just came back after this movie. It’s been one month plus since my last movie, heard from my bro this is quite a nice show , thats why today suddenly get my gal to watch it.

I think this is quite a nice movie , is like combination of sword & magic + funny + some creative idea, the flying ship is my favourite, it remind me the cid from final fantasy series. The story is about Star, it happen that anyone that eat the Star’s heart can become immortal, so the guy have to protect the star and after that the star fall in love with the guy, the ending ? bad guy die and good guy marry the star.

Overall i will rate the show 7/10 star , oh recall one of the scene that i like – What do stars do? Shine!


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