The Secret I Can’t Tell

I never expect i will actually spend $$ @ cinema to watch Jay Chou movie, our original plan is going for simpsons but at the end she can’t get the free ticket and turn out we going to watch The Secret I Can’t Tell.

But in the end i quite like this show , i believe a lot of people heard about this show, yeah it got a very special , unexpected ending and i think is really worth it , even if you don’t like Jay Chou.

There are a lot of playing piano scene which getting a lot of attention, my favourite scene will be Jay Chou and Gui Lun-Mei play the piano 4 hand togethe, i wonder after this show will the cause a lot of people go learn piano ?

I just wonder if this is happen to you, will you give up whatever you have and just go back the past for love ? anyway i will give 8 out of 10 star for this show ! worth it !


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