I m now with Media Temple

Sigh, problem again and now i m with media temple , i been paying attention on their service when they first launch, almost everytime when i thinking to change host , i will research on them, but too bad most of the time is negative review.

But this time i m giving them a try since i m tired on looking vps service. So far the first few day looks ok to me and i getting quite a nice speed here from singapore.

Most of the negative review is talking about mysql problem and down time. I think the latest mysql smartpool has resolved the mysql problem, my 3 wordpress blog all seem like running without any problem and for the down time issue, it seem wierd to me there are few time my monitor program send me email mention that its down, but i m still able to access the blog.

so far the only problem i facing is activity that related to disk read write, it seem like quite slow, i not sure is it because of clustering but it seem like a bit slower then other hosting that i try before ( i have other hosting experience but not much on a clustering hosting service) , anyway MT is suitable for my current status until my project is launch, pray for myself to get a proper host during that time.


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