Try A Small Orange !

Recently i heard that a lot of webhosting people talking about ASO, what does ASO stand for ? its A Small Orange , lots of good review about them on different web hosting forum, in fact , this is the first time i saw so much good review about a web hosting company.

So for some reason i wanted to register an account with them to test out both realiability and performance, as you can see, 9:16pm register , account activate after 7 min then i find out that need to email their support to get SSH activate, within 20 min, the reply is back and ssh is activated.

no matter what this seem like a good sign to start, if they are really that good, i m consider to move my singapore reseller account to them, what make me choose them

  • customer support – lots of good review about their support
  • ruby and python support
  • competitive price
  • no overselling
  • active company forum

Will feedback after one month testing, but now i m a pround

ASO Knight

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  • wujimon

    I know it’s been less than a month since you’ve signed up, but any initial feedback during this time for them? I’m considering either them or lunarpages.


  • Knight

    so far i think their support are quite good … most of the ticket reply in one hour .. if the live support is on, you even can get instant reply

  • Tim Dorr’s a somewhat nice guy I guess. I used to host one of my sites on the shared Mega Orange plan (whopping $45 a month! they don’t offer that plan anymore..) when they first started back in 2003. After 3 years it’s good to see them doing so well, but sometimes you wonder if paying premium for a little extra service is really worth it. I’ve since moved that high bandwidth site to eleven2.

  • Knight

    hi iCow, its really depends, of course if you dun wan a good support, i believe there are host out there like dreamhost, site5 or what ever which offer huge bandiwdth and diskspace in cheap rate .. but lots of complain also here and there ..

    anywhere they are good, but the only problem i have is too bad they are not in asia, i m moving toward VPS , but thinking maybe remain a small acount there