Try A Small Orange !

Recently i heard that a lot of webhosting people talking about ASO, what does ASO stand for ? its A Small Orange , lots of good review about them on different web hosting forum, in fact , this is the first time i saw so much good review about a web hosting company.

So for some reason i wanted to register an account with them to test out both realiability and performance, as you can see, 9:16pm register , account activate after 7 min then i find out that need to email their support to get SSH activate, within 20 min, the reply is back and ssh is activated.

no matter what this seem like a good sign to start, if they are really that good, i m consider to move my singapore reseller account to them, what make me choose them

  • customer support – lots of good review about their support
  • ruby and python support
  • competitive price
  • no overselling
  • active company forum

Will feedback after one month testing, but now i m a pround

ASO Knight

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