Blank Screen after login cPanel ?

I have just experience that, after login cPanel securely ( https:// ) , my left hand menu bar and my center content is blank !

i try to restart the cPanel service and getting this error

Starting cPanel ssl services: [FAILED]

after doing some research on the web, i found the solution

  • first “ps aux | grep stunnel” to find out stunnel process ( checking what version you have at the same time )
  • someone suggest try to kill the process, but i didn’t i m thinking just get the restart work should be the same
  • edit this file /usr/local/cpanel/etc/init/stopstunnel
  • you should see that a list of command but without your version of stunnel, so add this in system(“/scripts/ckillall -9 stunnel-4.15local”);
  • restart cpanel service, by now should be restart sucessful
  • one last step which some of the support never mention, reset your server ssl ( without doing this, i still keep getting blank screen )

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