think about switch host

As usual the chaging hosting company has become a habit to me, i m reading some of the my old post regarding known host and media temple, how i wish known host can be cheaper or media temple can be more stable.

Anyway i have just order geekstorage’s vps, initial impression not really good, it took around 4 day to get my vps ready and the experience of the vps not really that good, quite often i will have a “pause pause” situation , i wonder is it disk IO issue ?

I do think about using linode or slicehost and be my own server admin , but it seem like those are required more skill which i don’t really have time to polish it for now. argh

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  • That ‘pause’ could be a result of disk IO. e.g. if your process were waiting on some IO and the server was blocking while your VPS and other customer’s VPSs were trying to access the disk.

    Most often we will see that ‘pause’ when the VPS is swapping. Since in that case running pretty much any command could cause your server to ‘go to disk’.

    The solution is to make sure you are not swapping. And to try to choose a host that does not overload the server with too many customers (for the hardware) and who also monitor the server to ensure that one or two ‘greedy’ servers are not monopolizing resources.

    We find that most of our VPS customers can get very good performance when setup with Xen and with a suitable amount of memory for their site.

    When its needed we can also help customers tune their servers and install apps and get things setup. i.e. take the hassle out of sysadmining the server (which can require a bit of skill/experience/time to pick up).

    Cheers, Peter VPS Hosting

  • Knight

    Thanks Peter, i will consider give rimuhosting a try next time