Looking for Rails Hosting

One of my resolutions is to learn Ruby On Rails , thats why i did put some attention when i saw some rails host related news. It seem like lots of big host in the market is rails ready but after some research i find out that:

  • The-Big-Host is Rails ready, but its only “ready”, if you face any problem, they can’t really help you, unless they have someone into Rails
  • The-Big-Host are slow on upgrade, since the framework is new , we can expect the changes might be a lot, thats why we need hosting that can follow up the changes
  • Some of the site which recommend these The-Big-Host is more like affiliate link, if you sign up they earn the $, thats why some of the good host will never get up on these site.

Currently there are 2 host that i eyeing for sometime

  • Rails PlayGround – i still can recall it provide free Rails hosting when the Rails wave started , but now it seem like it grows and become one of the famous Rails hosting, heard quite some good review from different forum. Currently provide addtional 1G for Subversion and Trac hosting with any hosting plan. The only thing that i don’t really like its their forum seem not so active.
  • HostingRails – this might be another small company but it seem like they are good in rails hosting too. Some good review about their support and the tutorials on their sites seem quite useful for beginner, the forum that they are using is self build by rails. The only thing that discourage me is they have annual payment only, i normally go for monthly so that won’t tie down by any host. Anyway they did have free hosting plan too which allow you to try their server.

One of the key factor that this 2 web hosting attract me is they provide Mongrel with dedicated memory, i might give it a try on them recently.

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