My current host – Webfaction

I been using webfaction as my hosting for a few month, after i move out from knownhost VPS. So far most of the thing are ok at webfaction , but i feel that PHP is not their main focus, thats why they don’t pay that much of attention on PHP.

If you are a ruby developer that work on ruby on rails or a python developer that work on django, webfaction will be one of best share hosting choice for you, but if you just like me which is more toward to PHP application, you might need to consider. So far i having 2 issue at webfaction , one is i got time out some time which been explain is because the php script execute longer then the permit time, another issue is that eaccelator is not installed.

The Last good thing that i want to mention about this host , is their customize control panel , which split the site into 3 part, the application, the domain and the web site, the application is where put your application, the domain is where you control what domain you have, what subdomain you want to create and the last part the web site is which domain connect to which application.The benefit of this structure is , you can have 1 code base ( application ) and pointing by different domain, a multi site structure can be done easily.

Anyway i m looking for another host which is focus on php , maybe a litespeed host , so that my webfaction account can be my dev account and as a backup for my php accont.

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  • Steve

    I’ve been with WebFaction for over 3 years and I absolutely love it πŸ™‚
    I haven’t had any problems with my PHP sites but my pages are quite fast and I don’t use eaccelator. I’ll pass your comments on to them though and knowing them they’ll probably improve things very soon

  • > …thats why they don’t pay that much of attention on PHP.

    That’s not true. I have a feeling that eAccelerator will be added to our PHP stack any day now and that that’ll be the first of many improvements to come. πŸ™‚

  • robert

    I’ve been using webfaction for 2 years now. How do i update my wordpress 2.2.2 application on webfaction? I can’t find info on this at all… anywhere. I need step by step instructions.


  • Knight

    david : mmmm i getting reply from them say that it got some problem with eA, thats why they not going to use it.
    robert : i think contact the support will be a better way.

  • I figured it out. Thanks.

  • Marcellus Easley

    Thats strange that you say that. They also focus on wordpress, drupal, joomla, and a LOT of other php-based CMSs and frameworks. Its hard to believe that their main focus WOULDN’T be PHP. But maybe I am incorrect with that statement. I have been with them for a long time with multiple sites, and have had no problems with PHP-based scripts.

    • Hi ,

      no no php is running fine on it, just that the previously there is eAccelrator for my account , which able to boost up most of the php apps , but after my request , they have move me to another new account with eAccelrator, everything is fine now.