Goodbye VHCS , Hello cPanel

Finally i go back to a reseller again in stead of a server owner, i been consider about this quite some time, the first time it appear in my mind is about 3 month ago .. but i just give up the idea
Second time its about 2 week ago, the reason behide of this is my server which using VHCS been hacked , lucky one of the client remind and some action been done to fix this issue .. , i know myself not a server admin and i wont become one also, so i better let other people take care of the admin part and i concentrate on other area.

after one year plus i m back to cPanel again .. i still not use to cPanel setup but at least i no need to worry so much already, so far one of the thing that i really not comfortable is , i don’t have shell access for all the client ..

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