Looking for host again Part 2

After i blog about looking for host again , i spending tons of time to read through most of the review on webhostingtalk but it seem difficult to get what i want.

It seem like no one provide manage vps without control panel , even knownhost their semi manage is include install for you, not manage for you. It seem like the only choice i have is managed vps with control panel.

when i struggle on this choice, i have a talk with one of my company’s consultant which i quite close with, he sharing his experience with me, when you want to do some biz, you better spend full time to do it, he have some biz when he working full time job, at the end the biz failure because he can’t focus on it.

This actually help me to make some decision, if i continue struggle on this, i might just waste a lot of time, i would like to focus on my blogging and coding, server management and linux maybe i should put a side first. Don’t because i want to save the cost , trying to manage the vps myself in the end i can’t work on what i want, don’t because i wish to learn server & linux at the end i got no time to do coding and blogging. I should focus and get what ever done first in stead of keep exploring and want to get everything in place.

that’s why i subscribe to a cpanel vps with fully managed.

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