Looking for host again

Yes, i m looking for new home host again. Currently i m using ASO share hosting, but i not really happy the performance of share hosting , the speed some time is terrible and i don’t have much freedom. ASO is one of the nice host , the problem i facing is pretty general among share hosting environment.

At the same time i have some plan which haven’t develop but i wish to reserve the resource for these plan already, while queue for slicehost , i actually give future hosting a try. Basically other then their HSPcomplete got some problem, which delay my vps setup , their support is quite good, in fact they give me $10 discount due to the delay of setup.

after these try up i think i finalize what i need.

  • Ubuntu/debian OS, i like apt-get and thats the only package tools i know how to use
  • Low Ping, i need below 260ms vps
  • no control panel , no need cpanel etc, these control panel which take out resource and i seldom use those feature
  • manage service, it seem hard to find no control panel but managed vps
  • below $50 USD
  • aiming at least 256 mb ram and above

So far is hard to find what i want, most of the vps is bundle with control panel or vps that having manage service normally is bundle with control panel vps. The only one whch meet most of my requirement is knownhost , but they only have centos. hhmmmm any recommendation ?

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