Upgrade my server control panel

It seem like vhcs release new version , lots of thing been improve, now even include purchase module, lucky i choose it as my server control panel.

the upgrade process not really tough, just follow the documention step by step, but for debian user which upgrade by apt must beware of the db key will be changed, so backup engine and gui dir before the upgrade, copy the key from the old dir and paste it back into new include file.

this release also include upgrade version of phpmyadmin, webmail and filemanager , i didn’t really follow the change of these tools, but should be some bug/ security fix.

So far this new server seem running smooth, 3 month up time wth only once high traffic load on the rack which solve in few hour, i m quite happy with it , finally can concentrate do some develop after all the moving.

Oh let me know if any friend thinking to get a hosting account

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