Linode Strike Back

It’s kind of unexpected  but at the same time I guess every one is waiting for this upgrade, finally Linode is fully SSD ready.

It’s clearly the pressure from Digital Ocean on both pricing and SSD, when Linode previously upgrade everyone has been asking what about the SSD ? today finally Linode has migrated as a SSD VPS provider and it seem like the SSD they using is datacenter-grade, so far lots of performance report has show that SSD performance is way better then DO.

Other then SSD, there are some other feature upgrade, like using better processor ,40Gbps network and hourly billing, compare the $20 category for both DO and Linode, you can find that Linode is giving better deal now, don’t forget what Linode provided is far greater then DO , for example the managed service , long view, node balancer.


I m a long time Linode supporter , but iI just cancel it last month,  If I know that they going to have this upgrade, I won’t cancel my pla. I just cancel it and move it to dnssimple since I use it more for dns purpose, but I guess I will be back to Linode very soon.

so my advice

if you want to have stable VPS which is above $20 category please choose Linode

if you need a budget VPS which is below $20 and you need it be at Singapore Data center , please choose Digital Ocean.

If you don’t want a VPS , just want to have nice dedicated share hosting, please choose Webfaction.


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