InfiniteWP easter promo

If you are using InfiniteWP to manage all your WordPress, you must not miss their easter promo. you can try to pick the egg and break it in order to get the promo coupon, the highest promo will be 25% discount, it if you didn’t get the highest discount promo coupon, just refresh and try again.


So if you ask is infiniteWP good ? base on my currently usage , I think they are fine and compare to some other solution which you need to pay monthly fee, you just need to buy the addon and pay once off , this round they also offer 50% discount for the bundle of all their plugins.

They release 5 new addon which include Wordfence, Broken Link Checker, File Uploader, Google Pagespeed and Google Webmaster, which seem mimic the feature from some of the well known plugin , it’s hard to judge this is right and wrong, for the good part at least it reduce the load of a WordPress site without loading too many plugins.

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