Sidebar Modules for WordPress

While mixing k2 for some themes , i found that the new sidebar module in k2 is GOOD !

Can’t recall did i mention this before or not , when i first using the official widgets module , the first thing in my mind is this module is good but how do i control different page show different sidebar arrangement ? its been in my mind some time, i even think about to hack the code to do what i want .. but in the end, i just hardcode my sidebar without using this module

Finally Nybble’s Sidebar Modules is here to save us , i totally agree this

Sidebar Modules (SBM) is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create blocks, or “modules� in your sidebar and re-order them. It’s similar to WordPress Widgets, but better

it did most of the thing that i wish to see as a sidebar

  • allow you to choose display on what type of page ( home page ? search result ? single post .. etc )
  • allow you to choose which page,post that you want to display
  • allow you to have special css file to display in the way you want
  • almost include all kind of pre define module, that allow you to do almost everything

k2 Sidebar Module

p/s just a side note, Plugin Database also have a new look .. worth to pay a visit

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