k2-ing Release

I just release k2-ing Original Version few day ago and now i going to release k2-ing , this is the version that i currently using now.

other then the outlook is slightly different, these are what i add in

  • added landing sites plugin support
  • added socialble stylesheet support
  • added super-archives stylesheet support

this release is fully compatible with the latest k2, lots of k2 feature can be display without problem, even the rolling navigation i have fix it to display properly


download it here

Share it with your friends, thanks !
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  • Chris

    Thanks! I was waiting for this

  • Knight

    Welcome Chris

  • Chris

    Thank you knight. I have a question: how do I change the title image? the Ah knight blog, that is what I mean.
    Thank you

  • Knight

    Hi Chris, that is not an image, is just a test with some css magic, edit the header.php

  • Chris

    ok, im going to give it a try

  • Chris

    but do you know if it is possible to place an image there instead of writing?

  • Knight

    Can , u just get square image and replace those wording by img src will do

  • I just downloaded this theme, late I know. I can’t figure out how to edit the sidebars. The sidebar modules isn’t working and I would like to code it manually. Is there any way that you can tell me how to do this?

  • Knight

    Hi ,

    you might need http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/disable-wordpress-widgets/ to disable wordpress original widget plugin, so that the k2 widget plugin can be kick in.

    this should be work for wordpress before 2.3, i haven’t test this on wordpress 2.3