3k2-Unsleepable sneak release

Yes ! its out ? i know some of you guys email me and ask about this theme, some of you guys is already wait for this theme for some time, but due to my work load , i have no time to actually clean up this theme for public release ( in case you saw some messy code inside )

So why is it a sneak release ? because i don’t wish to release this at first, its build on outdated k2 themes ( k2r167 , current version is 0.9 ), when i try to port over my style sheet on the new k2 themes, geez ! lots of thing been changed, its going to be a lot of work, which i don’t think i can make it for short time, thats why i release this themes under the old k2 structure for some of the user which been keep email me for the theme.

Apologize if some of the k2 feature is not working, because i did some hack and slash on it, which might affect some of the feature, since i not using all feature , i can’t really tell what is broken.

How to use this themes ? as usual just upload to wp-content/themes , apply this theme under Presentation, go to K2options->K2 Scheme , select switch.css and apply.

Download 3k2-unsleepable here

Share it with your friends, thanks !
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  • CK

    You’re a gentleman and a scholar.

    I’m at work at the moment, so can’t look at things, but how easy it is to change the standard header colour from a matt black to a white gradient (i.e. white at the top of the header, fading to grey at the bottom)?

    I hope i explained that well, and thanks for releasing the theme, despite it not being for the current K2 release.


  • Thanks but just need to fix the download link…

    Currently it’s


    it should be



  • looks cool, i’ll take a look tonight. how does this handles asides?


  • Knight

    CK : hope you enjoy

    Deep : thx for the reminder

    alba : hhmmm i didn’t use asides.. not sure for this

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