Kiko, Web2.0 Bubble Burst ?

Is the web2.0 Bubble starting to burst ? Kiko is on Ebay for $50,000 !

After i blog about Kiko during march , new challenge like 30boxes and Google Calendar is out , but it seem like there are no proper strategy from Kiko to counter this .. , more detail info can found on Lesson from a fail web2.0 startup

One of the interesting topic related to this , is Google the new M$ ? Killer of web2.0 startup ? then what about Yahoo , the one that take over some of the big web2.0 player ? Helper of web2.0 starup ?


  • Final Post on Kiko
  • Delete your account on Kiko ( you never know who will be the one bought it )
  • Kiko and SlimTimer have similiar UI ( seem like both are from the same UI designer, a bit out topic but if you like kiko maybe can give slimtimer a try)

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