My delicious inbox is clear now

I been using for:username this tag on my delicious recently , it allow me to post/share some of the bookmark to my friend  and some time i use it to post to myself in order to remind me there are some link that is interesting ( else i won’t bookmark it ) that i havent check through.

Using it for my own reminder is quite helpful for my productivity , the only problem is these inbox link cannot be remove. You can remove the for:username tag, but the bookmark will be still remain in your inbox until today. Delicious has just announce that you can remove the bookmarks in your inbox now and there are some other feature release with this upgrade.

This feature allow remove bookmark one by one or you can bulk edit your bookmark, after you remove these bookmark from inbox, don’t worry it will still show under your bookmarks tab. Seem like i can continue to dump link in my inbox, if you have some informative links share with me please.

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