Too use to bloglines

I been using Bloglines as my rss reader since half year ago , i been trying hard to search for another online feed reader recently to replace it , due to the plumber seem like appear quite oftern.

my first change is rojo 2 month ago, i can’t really recall why , but i believe only the next day i change back to use bloglines. Yesterday i saw some blog post that actually recommend newsalloy , it seem like a wonderful reader , so i give it a try but now i going to switch back to bloglines again.

why ? first thing ajax seem like slow for rss reader, for both ajax rss reader i try before, it takes quite some time to read my feed, second the reading style, i been tie down by bloglines because of this, i like to read the feed by category follow sort by time , both reader ( rojo and newsalloy) is sort by time first, which mean when you login the reader you will see all kind of post appear . i don’t deny that newsalloy also allow you to view by category but the idea of newsalloy which involve, read , unread, archive seem confusing and i believe its still quite buggy, some time it appear all the feed to me, some time it display without any feed.

any recommend for other online feed reader ? 

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