Salesforce Platform Edition

One of my office’s project is using Salesforce , if we take out the CRM part, the rest of Salesforce can just let you build some application very easy.

Just find out from this blog , that Salesforce release the platform edition , which is the basic or so call OEM edition , without all the CRM module. The first thing pop in my mind is Great ! base on this , everyone can just build the application base on their requirement without the CRM restriction. But the next thing is , without the CRM why i still want to use Salesforce ? there are quite a few web2.0 product out there which can do the same thing …

the selling point might be

  • Appexchange – lots of application is ready to use
  • Apex Code – on demand programming lanaguage
  • Reliable backend ?

anyway i still wish Salesforce could build an Asia data center, best if is in singapore

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