Try Not to be a Twit

Saw this on the RSS Blog few day ago, which i think is quite true, its about Twitter , since twitter is the current trend for sure there will be people miss use it

You send links via Twitter that point to your own blog. I’m likely already subscribed to your blog.

i know that make RSS to show in Twitter might sounds good to some of the blogger or those so call problogger, but please let us see something different, if we want to see your blog we will subscribe to your rss, no need to keep send twitter about what topic you have just blog again.

You use Twitter as a link blog. Just get a link blog.

Its meaningless to see lots of url fly around twitter without comment, once in a while you can mention this bla bla bla software seem like not bad , but please dun just continue send different link through your twitter, i rather go search

You send several Twitter messages per hour, every hour, all day.

Twitter is not really an IM , if you want to chat maybe use IM to chat with your friend, don’t use twitter to force us listen to your shit.

So far my twitter not really follow a lot of friends and so far those that i follow not really a Twit, if i never follow your twitter then by now you should know why.

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