A New Look

Tired, spending half a day for searching new theme, i was trying to source out something suitable me or suit my blog, something simple, clean with a bit complex backend that i can play with. Some of these themes are original in my list

after spending some time to play with each themes, i believe i want a widget ready themes, i need it to be 3 column, the main content column must be able to fit nicely with my prev post and it should working nicely with the sidebar module, so none of the above themes meet my requirement.

So , i put my searching back to k2 again, i find out that the nightly build have 3 column feature, hmmmmz there are quite a few 3 column k2 out there, will this cause any impact to the rest ? currently it only support left and right dual sidebar, lets hope in future you can choose which layout you want.

so far the changes i see for this nightly build

  • a new backend interface
  • support 2 sidebar
  • new ajax navigation feature (which you can see on this site)

this is what i want ! that’s why spending a few hour to get this theme up with my own setting, now is almost ready just a few more tiny issue to resolve. Taking this opportunity to clear some of the plugin, remove most of the stat plugin, since i already using google analytic and statcounter. I changed the old contact module which keep getting spam to the new Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form , lets hope no more spam can get through.

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