Fixed double entry on

This happen after i change my feed address, i updated my feed address on my exsiting profile on but some how it create double entry each time i write a new post.


How i fix this is i change my XML-RPC Ping URI to something new, you are allow to customize your own URI on your profile page, i change it to something different and update it on my wordpress pinging site and after that there are no more double entry !


if you have similar problem , maybe you can give this a try ? Fail , after this post publish , my previous 2 entry which is without duplicate become duplicate too , guess i m wrong on this, maybe i should remove the blog and re add it ?

Share it with your friends, thanks !
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  • I’m not sure if this is the solution, but I’ll be allowing pingsters to manually remove pings from very very soon.

    However, that also means you’ll have to manually remove your duplicate post manually everytime you post. Not sure if that’s a good solution.

    The problem now is mainly because is getting 2 different permalinks for your 1 post thus taking them as 2 different posts.

  • Knight

    yo uzyn thanks for visit, so even update the feed adress, the old address still keep track ?