Palm Releases WiFi Patch for All Treos

Found this on Treocentral

Palm CEO Ed Colligan revealed that Palm has been building WiFi chipsets into Treos since the release of the Treo 700. Shockingly, the WiFi chips were hidden inside the battery. Colligan announced that Palm is releasing a firmware update for all modern Treos (Treo 700p, 700w/wx, 680, and 750) enabling the hidden chip

You can download the firmware @ Treocentral

haha , some of you might heard about this already, yeah another April Fool Tech Joke, although is funny but at the same this might be most of the palm users wish too !

the rest of April Fool Joke , as usual Google’s TiSP and Gmail Paper sounds interesting too

p/s anyway since i back to Treo , i m quite happy with it so far, subscribe t0 m1 3G plan now.

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