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Just after i blog about the 5 reason i choose dopod over treo , today i want to announce i m back to Treo again, but i m back to the Dark Side of Treo , a Treo that not using Palm Software – Treo 750v

I trade my Dopod with this Treo plus some top up from my dopod new owner .. not sure is a good deal or not but so far i still quite happy with this new phone.

so far for the first day experience , i would say the interface of treo is more user friendly then dopod, i can almost do everything by the button without touching the screen , when i using dopod not only both hand have to hold the keyboard, my thumb some time still need to do some touch screen work

anyway the only issue is WIFI , although there is a memory card wifi solution but it seem like a funny solution and it block your typing too, i m thinking can i use my TX as a modem to share the connection with my Treo via bluetooth ??


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