Treo 600 Screen Problem

As a Treo 600 user, today is my unlucky day …

around 3pm+~ my treo start having some wierd respond  then i realiase is the touch screen having problem, it seem like all the touch respond is not the same as the screen display, example the 9 is at the bottom but i need to press on number 6 on the screen .. seem like the whole screen is going up ..

until just now i found out that you just go to preference -> choose touch screen , go through the touch screen recognition , weeeeeee the screen is back to normal , weu~ i tot the phone is spoil at first

p/s lost my whole palm data because while the touch screeen cannot work i think i accident did something n crash it, my last time syn with my desktop is 1 month ago .. sigh … backup is important 


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  • hmmmm i am used to sync my palm t3 every alternate day.
    not only to backup but also to update my advantgo content, yeah offline thestar, hbo programme, cnet news, cnn, forbes….all there to keep me updated whenever i am on the road…

    try it is free to sign up and content too. i have been using it for more than 4 years liao…

  • Yes, backup is very important. Besides hotsyncing, you should probably get a backup to card program, so that you always have a backup with you.

  • heSaid

    I actually had similar problems with my touch screen. I went to reset the pointer and noticed that nothing would happen when I would touch the screen. Usually, I hit the little target and it would put a different target up. Nothing was responding when touching my screen. I reset the treo. And it worked. For about 2 weeks, now I am back to, nothing working on the touch screen.

    This really sucks too, I have already had it replaced once because the speaker cut out. And now T-Mobile won’t support the palm, because they had too many issues. This is frustrating.

  • Louis

    I’m experiencing similar probs. Everything aok but the touch screen. Nothing at all. Tried all suggestions. Any other ideas to propose?