Treo 600 Screen Problem

As a Treo 600 user, today is my unlucky day …

around 3pm+~ my treo start having some wierd respond  then i realiase is the touch screen having problem, it seem like all the touch respond is not the same as the screen display, example the 9 is at the bottom but i need to press on number 6 on the screen .. seem like the whole screen is going up ..

until just now i found out that you just go to preference -> choose touch screen , go through the touch screen recognition , weeeeeee the screen is back to normal , weu~ i tot the phone is spoil at first

p/s lost my whole palm data because while the touch screeen cannot work i think i accident did something n crash it, my last time syn with my desktop is 1 month ago .. sigh … backup is important 


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