Ajax-ed Lilina

When i talk about my project list long time ago, boringest mention about doing ajax on lilina-head .

Since i was playing a bit on xajax that time , i actually testing to apply the ajax on lilina-head , at first i just testing to add a feed by ajax , after that i was thinking how about ajax-ed the front-end of lilina-head ?

so the project start , i break the whole front page into small function .. after that rebuild all in a class and build the ajax-ed lilina , this is my demo, once i clean out the code , i will put up the package for download.

todo list 

  • build loading logo – this been mention in mistake of Ajax
  • tweak the code – now the demo site is holding 20++ feed, it seem like the max once over the limit the whole thing become very slow

pls feedback to me if you found any bug, this is my first ajax project, i m still quite new on this.

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  • wow…that’s quite cool…takes quite long to load though…

    anyway, very good effort. =)

    any plans to make it open-source/downloadable?

    currently I’m having about 150 feeds but the site seem to time out all of a sudden…any ideas what’s wrong? Worse still, I won’t have internet connection in the next couple of weeks…so I guess I won’t be able to do much till then.

    Keep up the good work!

  • lol…just cleared the cache & now it seems ok….just some favicons which are not loading… =)

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